Holiday time at SL Casino Riga

Holiday time at SL Casino Riga

Any holidays in Latvia can be interesting and original if you visit SL Casino Riga. The unit works every day without days off. Here guests are always welcome, and in honor of weekends and holidays additional jackpots are played for the visitors. Even more can be won during the seasonal promotions.


What can be won during guest’s visits

Promotions are held in the best casino in Riga every week. For example, in the spring, you can become a member of Spring Fortune and In the Middle of the Week. Final draws are held every Friday. The fun starts at 21:00. The total prize fund is several thousand euros. But the organizers have added some individual jackpots. The prize fund is divided into several prizes ranging in size from 100 to 1000 euros.

The jackpot is always one, it has a fixed size. Once a week, only 1 coupon is taken from the lottery drum. If the jackpot is not drawn, the amount is added to the next draw. The maximum cumulative jackpot can reach several thousand of euros. And if this happens, the prize is played until a winner appears.

The more visits the guest made during the week, the greater his chances of winning. But the player’s presence is necessary in the casino hall to get a prize!


Pleasant stay at SL Casino

SL Casino Riga was created for a respectable holiday, and it does not matter whether you come on weekdays, on weekends or on holidays. The unit is managed by Storm International, founded more than 25 years ago. The reference point is taken on demanding foreign guests who come to Riga for VIP service and play without restrictions. And SL Casino is happy to provide it all.

The casino opened in 2017, but preparations for this event took several years. The unit became the fourth in the network on a par with Shangri La in Minsk, Yerevan and Tbilisi. The place for the location was chosen very carefully. As a result, selected luxury Grand Hotel Kempinski. This is the most modern and respectable 5-star casino hotel in Riga. Game rooms are located on two floors and thematically divided. On the ground floor there is a spacious game room with slots, and next to it is a sports bar. On the second floor there are tables with card games and roulette, a lounge area and a VIP room.


Clearance SL Casino

SL is a really stylish casino with a cozy atmosphere, luxurious interiors, impeccable service and all the popular games. For the design, the Art Deco style was chosen that is typical for the entire Shangri La network.

To decorate the premises, carpets from England and textiles from Italy were ordered, and brand elements are everywhere. Particular attention is paid to creating a pleasant relaxing light. The highlight of the design are the paintings and works of European masters. To create an atmosphere of discreet luxury, exclusive wooden furniture was installed.


Games and lotteries

Since SL Casino is a classic casino, all popular types of games are represented here:

  • American Roulette
  • Poker in several variations
  • Black Jack
  • 50+ modern slots

VIP Club members have the opportunity to play all these games, but with higher stakes in an atmosphere of complete privacy.

The peculiarity of the Shangri La network is the fact that draws and lotteries are held for guests. This does not require additional investments or purchase of special lottery tickets. Depending on the number of bets, the player gets a certain number of chances when drawing additional prizes. For these prizes, a separate prize fund is allocated. And all jackpots are issued immediately after the winner is announced.

To get an unexpected jackpot during the holidays and have an interesting time in Riga, just take a look at SL Casino and try your luck!

You can learn more about SL Casino on the official page:

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