Tbilisi nightlife

Tbilisi nightlife

In Tbilisi, there is quite diverse selection for lovers of nightlife. The advantage of night clubs is invited foreign DJs and various entertainment events. Special cocktails and bartender’s shows are very popular in clubs. Tbilisi clubs do not complain about the lack of visitors. If you have a particular interest at night with the best casinos in Tbilisi, these are the places where you can relax with luxury.


"Magty Club"

The club is open at night on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It has installed equipment of very high quality. Different days programs are unique. Here you can listen to live, high-quality music of all kinds: jazz, blues, modern house music accompanied by vocals without plywood. DJ is playing till late night.


"Kalakuri" Complex

The Kalakuri complex was opened in 2006 in the historic quarter of Tbilisi. On the ground floor of "Kalakuri" is a nightclub. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can listen live performance famous Georgian singers. At the end of the program, the DJ will offer the well-known and guest’s favorite hits. On Sundays, karaoke is organized, where everyone can sing their favorite songs with the guests of the club. The club opens from 10 o'clock and works until the last guest. The club has its own menu, but guests may require restaurant dishes.


"Night Flight"

Night Flight Club is located on the right bank of the Mtkvari River, under the Baratashvili Bridge. The club has two types of services - a strip bar, which is open from 9 pm to 5 am, and a regular club, which operates from 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The club has all kinds of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages and European cuisine, here you can hear foreign and Georgian DJs music.

Night Flight Club is one of the largest clubs in Tbilisi, which is open every Saturday and Sunday. The club has a VIP table and a great dance place. It has a powerful sound and lighting equipment. The club has its own parking zone.



"Guru" Club is open on Friday and Saturday from 11 pm until the morning. Here is a club kitchen: various salads, sandwiches, fruits, ice cream, etc. The club mostly holds a disco, local DJs play here, as well as foreign DJs. The club accommodates 700 people, it's a nightclub, not a lounge.


"Two Side"

The Two Side Club - an entertaining club-restaurant offers guests music to taste, an eclectic club interior, with a lounge, and is decorated with bourgeois elements. It offers European and Georgian dishes, a varied cocktail menu and bartender shows, as well as the signature Two Side cocktail. The club has 70 lounges and 50 classic tables. The club opens at 5 pm and works until the morning, with Live band, DJ and popular artists performances.


"Why Not?"

"Why Not?" is a private club, and only members of the club who have special cards can enter. There is club decor with classic elements "Why Not?". The working days of the club are Friday and Saturday, from 11pm till the last guest. In "Why Not?" famous Tbilisi DJs and visiting foreign DJs play.



"Safe" Club is arranged comfortably and with a high-class interior. Here, Georgian and invited DJs will offer excellent music accompanied by attractive dancers. "Safe" is open from 11 am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the departure of the last visitor.


Shangri La Casino

Next to the Bridge of Peace is a casino complex Shangri La of Michael Boettcher. This is a VIP institution where you can relax in a respectable atmosphere. The complex has an author’s restaurant. Shangri La, Darren Keane, Managing Director, said, is the best casino in Tbilisi according to the Golden Brand award.

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