Minsk Nightlife for Every Taste

Minsk Nightlife for Every Taste

The nightlife in Minsk consists of casinos, poker clubs, and, of course, as in most capital cities, discos and nightclubs. Minsk nightclubs carry away into the abyss of dance and fun until the morning. The range of night dance venues is quite extensive - from elite expensive nightclubs to simple youth discos and karaoke. Nightclubs are different not only in atmosphere, design and pricing, but also in people who visit them and musical styles. Almost all discos have a paid entrance.

Night clubs are one of the most popular and sought-after leisure options among Minsk dwellers, thanks to their extraordinary atmosphere, interesting show programs, unique style and a wide range of services. When the question arises about where to go in Minsk, often the choice of Minsk dwellers falls precisely on a nightclub. Such places are open from late evening until early morning.

Most of the clubs begin to work from 10-11 pm. On Mondays, the majority of institutions, with some exceptions, are closed, some also do not work on Tuesdays, therefore before going in search of nightly entertainment, it is better to specify the working hours. Karaoke clubs are open daily from 7pm. Next we will tell about the most popular places.

The club life of Minsk is not much different from the club life of most European capitals. In Minsk clubs there are all necessary attributes of night entertainment: fashionable audience, unique interiors, DJs, lights, sound and booze with an exorbitant price.

There are several so-called top clubs among Minsk clubs that compete with each other for the right to be called the most party place in the city. There are also long-lived clubs, that have survived the peak of their popularity and have rolled down to the level of teen discos, gay clubs, bowling clubs, and several other varieties that are beyond description.

The main criterion of the club’s popularity in Minsk is the get-together, i.e. percentage of personalities of the total mass of visitors. Of course, the main names of Minsk glamor will not say anything to a foreigner who first came to the Minsk club. The leader in attracting famous DJs in Minsk for many years remains the club Bronx. Here at one time the Finnish virtuoso Jimi Tenor, famous European masters played.

In addition to Bronx, X-ray clubs, Belaya Vezha, Izyum, West World Club, Madisson club are considered to be a favorite place among Minsk's beau monde.

At the same time in Minsk there are several special places that are apart from the fashionable life, but at the same time are unique in their own way. In such places you can meet a lot of interesting and entertaining people, here you can regularly organize all kinds of performances, shows and concerts.

As for the casino, there are quite a lot of them in Minsk. The level of establishments is very different. Therefore, it is better to start your acquaintance with the best casino in Minsk. This proud title has been held by Shangri La for several years in a row - the casino’s network run by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International. This is a stylish place that is decorated and works in the best traditions of Las Vegas casinos. The vast territory of the unit is impressive with its well-thought-out decoration, luxurious materials, branded elements, and exquisite wooden furniture. Style of Shangri La, Darren Keane noted, was carefully thought out.

If you successfully choose the day for the visit, you can become a participant in a car or motorcycle draw, or a huge jackpot. The complex also has an exclusive author’s restaurant. Therefore, Shangri La is popular with foreign guests, as well as travelers who are planning a special evening.

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