Specialized ritual service - real help at affordable prices

Specialized ritual service - real help at affordable prices

Often, many people are not able to independently take over the funeral of a loved one and need additional help. Especially for such cases, we have a trained funeral service agent who will take on all the heavy funeral obligations.Only the ritual agent of the funeral home En.ritual.ru knows all the subtleties and nuances of ritual work. In addition to professional agents, our staff includes a large number of specialists from other areas and levels.

How we help people

Departure from a person's life is always tragic, it causes pain and emotional distress. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to collect your thoughts and address issues related to the future of the body of the deceased. Before organizing the burial, it is necessary to calculate the cost of the upcoming event.

The cost of funeral services includes body care for the deceased: washing, applying special cosmetics, dressing. For better preservation of the body, embalming is performed, it helps to minimize the processes of destruction occurring in the body. This service is especially relevant if the funeral is postponed for certain reasons. Embalming will help keep the body in a decent form for a period of up to two to three weeks, which is quite enough for registration and repatriation of the deceased to his homeland.

You can be sure of it one hundred percent and you can always rely on all our employees. This service should interest those customers who, in turn, want to take care of the correct execution of the necessary documents. Also, according to your wishes, his duties include the organization of a place in the cemetery, as well as all questions on the cremation of the deceased and other funeral services. In order to clarify the prices of a ritual agent, just call the indicated numbers and our managers will surprise you with their professionalism and excellent knowledge of their business.

En.ritual.ru is a specialized funeral home. In addition to the listed services, ordering a place in the cemetery or cremation, and completing all the necessary documents, our funeral home is ready to provide additional services. You can order a funeral - caring for the soul is no less important than caring for the body. If necessary, the funeral agent will perform assignments of a personal nature. Turning to us, you get full support on all matters relating to the funeral. We will always give you a helping hand in a difficult moment. En.ritual.ru - top quality funeral services.

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