Музыка и видеоролик из рекламы Jeep - Renegade (George The Poet)

Музыка и видеоролик из рекламы Jeep - Renegade (George The Poet) (2015)

Известный британский исполнитель George The Poet специально для рекламы внедорожника Jeep - Renegade, записал новый трек. 



Where they lead, don't follow. 
Take to the streets 
Rebel against your state of mind 
Individuality doesn't roll off a production line 
Reclaim your real from the mundane lane 
Out there, in here, steer clear of conforming performing puppets 
Restore order, not ordinary 
Don't wait, instigate 
It's not too late 
You don't have to live life in a slipstream 
Claim your stage, ride your road without crowd or clique 
You, unique 
Go straight, forward, think clear, mutineer 
Salvage your soul 
Progressive, immersive, transformational 
Overtake the fake 
Defy your alibi 
Be renegade

Исполнитель (Song):
George The Poet - Jeep Renegade

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